More than a brand

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Founded in 1925, Michel is a shoe manufacturing company that since its inception has had as a clear goal to excel in its products. Its location in Almansa traditional city in the sector allows you to have experienced technicians and operators as well as high technology in the achievement of a well-crafted product.

Michel has a vocation of leadership in the market and that achievement has focused his efforts. At the moment it has been possible to qualify to the maximum its production in such a way that they manage to consolidate and surpass on the basis of design and quality.

Michel is characterized by the use of selected raw materials and rigorous quality controls. The traditional preferences reflected in their models, impregnate in their design the latest trends in fashion. Michel technology is focused on the use and enjoyment of footwear. Michel is more than a brand.

Goodyear Welt


The Goodyear Welt is the oldest, most elaborate and most durable method. It can be done by machine or by hand. The first part of the process is to prepare the template for sewing.

A spring is created perpendicular through the template. The second step is to put the mezzanine that normally molds to the sole and both are joined. In the last step the sewing is carried out. This is when you sew the top with the insole and the midsole. Through another stitched welt is attached to the sole.

For this sewing is used a Lockstitch, so if at any point of the sewing there was a break, the chain would not be undone. The great advantage of this sewing process is that if the sole decomposes, the replacement of the same is very simple and can be done both machine and hand. The extra layers make the footwear more waterproof and durable.

Blake Stitching

The Blake Stitching is the simplest and most common and is part of a large part of the collection of our shoes. It is also a consequence of the industrial revolution, and is that the sewing is done inside the shoe, making it impossible to make by hand.

The advantage it offers is a simpler construction than the Goodyear Welt. This process does allow to replace a sole when it is damaged, as opposed to gluing. Having fewer layers than a Goodyear Welt, it has greater flexibility.